Meet The Team

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Hallam Johnson

Creative Director & Co Founder

Hallam boasts an experienced background of content creation, starting out with digital drawing and editing for fashion concepts, before moving into photography where he has since racked up multiple years of experience, including everything from products and pets, to his signature portraiture shots

His love of natural colours and 'authentic' images have always served as the core basis of his photography style. With his creative mindset and desire to help capture a special moment, or bring someone's content idea to life, continuing to be an inspiration for projects. 


Away from work Hallam enjoys travelling, gaming and supporting his favourite football team Chelsea - alongside spending time with his fiancée.


Kellen Blackwell

Creative Director & Co Founder

Kellen is a BJTC accredited Multimedia Journalist (BA Hons - 1.1) and holds over a decade of media experience, including co-hosting radio shows and podcasts, social media content creation, writing for various news outlets and publications, and conducting media operations and services at major international sporting events. 

His love for creative film-making, paired with his endless content creation ideas (both good and bad) serve as one of the main visions for the majority of our company projects.

Additionally, Kellen also works as the Content Creator for a sports charity. Where he is responsible for the creative planning and producing of digital content, alongside helping their team to organise and facilitate large scale events and external media!

Outside of work he enjoys gaming, sports and travelling, amongst spending time with his friends and family - as well as often finding new ideas and projects to keep himself pre-occupied.