Meet The Team

Hallam Johnson

I have always been deeply interested in photography. Throughout my time at secondary school, this branched out into digital drawing and editing. Before more recently, slowly moving into film-making and photography. I have a love for fashion and I am always taking pictures of shoes and clothing. I also love helping people to create their visions. So what better way to do that, than by helping to capture special moments in their lives, or by helping them to grow their business through our content. 

I have known Kellen for most of my life and together we decided, why not take this opportunity to try and build something amazing together. So when we both agreed to do this, I knew that it was just the start of an exciting future for both of us. 

Kellen Blackwell

Ever since I was a child I have always had a passion for entertaining. That slowly evolved over the years and really embodied itself in my lifestyle with the creation of my first ever YouTube channel, back in 2011. I now have over a decade of media experience and I currently write and create content for various magazines and news outlets, co - host a weekly radio show and appear in various documentaries and projects for the charity I work for. 

With all of this experience Hallam and I feel it is the right time to push forward and really test ourselves by trying to turn our passions into a career. I couldn't have asked for a better person to start this adventure with and I'm very excited for what the future holds for us and this business. 

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